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What is it?

Tilting Motor Works has developed a breakthrough leaning 3-wheel conversion that offers the stability and safety benefits of 3 wheels with the handling of a motorcycle. The conversion involves removing the front fork and the front wheel and replacing it with a new front end that bolts to the frame. Conversions are performed by TMW or its authorized dealers. It is not available as a do-it-yourself kit.

What’s good about having 2 wheels in the front?

It’s the most efficient design for a 3-wheeler that leans. And a vehicle has to lean if it’s going to feel like a motorcycle. A front conversion also puts more traction up front where it belongs, improving cornering and braking.

How does it handle compared to a motorcycle?

A TMW-equipped 3-wheeler steers, countersteers, leans and handles just like the original motorcycle. If you don’t look below the handlebars you might not remember that you have two wheels in the front.

How does it affect the lean angle of the bike?

It doesn’t. On most Harleys the bike will lean over until the pegs or floorboards scrape the pavement, with no change to the lean angle.

Are there safety benefits?

Common road conditions that pose grave risks to motorcyclists can be non-events aboard a TMW-equipped vehicle. For instance you can hit a bump or loose gravel or an oil slick with one front tire, even while cornering, and the other tire will maintain traction so you’re able to continue on your way without incident.

Who should get a TMW conversion?

A leaning trike is ideal for veteran riders who are unsatisfied with the handling or image of conventional rear-wheel trikes and Spyders. It also appeals to newer riders who might consider a Harley but don’t feel comfortable with the size and weight of the machine. Motorcycle enthusiasts like being able to run faster through the curves.

Can I carry a passenger?

The rear of the bike, including passenger seating, is not affected by installation of the TMW unit. You and your passenger may feel more secure on 3 wheels though.

Do I need a special license?

You will need a motorcycle license. In addition, some states require a separate written test and/or road test in order to obtain an endorsement to ride 3-wheeled motor vehicles.

How much does it cost?

MSRP is $9,995 plus installation for the standard model when installed and tested by a TMW-certified dealer or by TMW in Washington. MSRP for the advanced model with TiltLockTM is $12,995 plus installation. You are responsible for delivering your bike to the dealer or to us at your own expense. We strongly encourage riding it home. :-)

Please note that taxes and shipping/crating expenses are not included. 

What's included?

In addition to the leaning linkage itself, the standard conversion includes shocks, wheels, tires, fenders, brakes, the front fairing and all mounting hardware. Any parts that are removed, including the front fork and front wheel, will be returned to you. As part of the installation we will re-mount any stock equipment that needs to be moved; non-stock modifications that interfere with installation mays need to be relocated at additional expense or removed and returned to you.

The fairing and fenders are supplied in gloss black gelcoat. TMW does not paint these components, though
American Bike and Trike can contract that for you and get color-matched painting done for you. Painting will result in a more uniform and durable finish; body parts should be sanded and primed prior to painting, and they should be undercoated. If we take care of the painting we will mount the painted fenders and fairing to the bike before delivering it to you. Otherwise they will be mounted unpainted and you will remove them for painting.

The TiltLock system includes dual hydraulic cylinders, an electric pump, the speed sensor and other electronics, on/off switch and all mounting hardware.

TMW's conversion modifies your existing motorcycle. TMW does not sell motorcycles and no motorcycle is included in our price to you. 

How does the TiltLock mechanism work?

The TiltLock feature is switchable. When switched on, it will bring the bike to vertical at speeds below about 3 mph or when stopped. Because TiltLock and the front suspension operate independently, the bike doesn’t become rigid or difficult to handle at low speeds.

Can a TMW-equipped motorcycle fall over?

If you drop the bike it will usually lean over about 45 degrees, until a floorboard or a crash bar touches the ground, and then stop. With TiltLock the bike can right itself from that position; otherwise you will be lifting it back to vertical.

Can I upgrade from the standard to the advanced model later?

Yes, the standard model is designed to accommodate the addition of TiltLock later. MSRP of the upgrade is $3,000 plus installation.

What motorcycles can be converted?

The current production unit is designed to fit all models in Harley-Davidson’s Touring line including the Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide and Electra Glide models. We are now also equipped to handle select Softails, Dynas, and V-Rods such as the Heritage Softail Classic, the Softail Deluxe, the Fat Boy, and the Super Glide. We can't yet convert a Tri Glide or a Spyder! :-)

In addition, American Bike and Triek can now convert the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 and F6B.

Can the unit be mounted on other motorcycles?

No, the mounting bracket won’t fit other bikes. In the future TMW will produce brackets to fit other motorcycles, both from Harley-Davidson and from other manufacturers.

How is the unit attached to the motorcycle?

The mounting bracket bolts around both down tubes. No drilling, welding, cutting or other alterations to the frame are needed.

How long does it take to install?

American Bike and Trike ( A certified dealer )
can install the standard conversion on a stock Harley in about 8 hours of shop time. The job may take longer if it involves removing and re-mounting other aftermarket gear you’ve installed on the bike. The TiltLock conversion requires about 12 hours, or 8 as a retrofit on an existing standard conversion.

A Honda Gold Wing takes longer, usually about 12 hours of shop time to install the standard conversion on a stock GL1800.

Can I install it myself?

Although we don't doubt your mechanical ability, our insurance company does not allow for self-install.

Can my regular mechanic do the installation?

If your mechanic works at at American Bike and Trike, yes. 

What’s the warranty?

If installed by American Bike and Trike, TMW covers parts and labor to address installation defects, manufacturing defects and materials failures under normal use for a period of one year. Specific exclusions may apply. Additional years of warranty coverage may be available at purchase. You are responsible for routine inspection and maintenance of the unit as specified by TMW. Warranty terms can change, so before confirming your order we will provide an updated warranty agreement whose terms will take precedence. TMW makes no warranty or representation as to the safety or suitability of a TMW-equipped trike for any particular purpose.

Does the vehicle have to pass inspection?

Because the TMW conversion involves no alteration to the frame, it is treated like any other aftermarket accessory in most jurisdictions with no inspection required. However, state and local laws change periodically and we encourage you to understand your state’s requirements.

How does it affect fuel efficiency?

We estimate that the extra weight and wind resistance could result in a loss of 1-2 mpg.

How wide is it?

The standard TMW conversion is about 36 inches between the centerlines of the two front wheels and 43 inches overall. 

How much weight does it add to the bike?

The existing front wheel and front forks are removed when installing the TMW unit, so the net gain is only about 120 lb.

Does Harley-Davidson endorse the product?

Not specifically. However, Harley-Davidson does encourage all kinds of aftermarket customization of its products

Where is it made?

Tilting Motor Works is located in Snohomish, Washington, about an hour north of Seattle. Parts for the unit are machined at TMW and at ISO 9000 certified shops that make components for commercial aircraft. The unit is assembled for shipping at our facilities.

American Bike and Trikeis proud to announce we are now one of the few dealers where you may convert your motorcycle with the Tilting Motor Works Kits! 

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