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Q-Tec  "Q-4"

Q-Tec "Classic" 

Q-Tec "Q-3(F)"

Q-Tec "Super-Q"

Q-Tec trike and quad kits currently only work on Harley Davidson Softails.

Shortly they will be available for the Indian Scout and some of the Victory motorcycles too.  We will keep this site updated for you. 

Turning your motorcycle into a Q-Tec quad or trike is easy.
Here are the steps:

  • Call or click the form below and tell us what bike you have and which kit you're interested in having installed. 
  • Once you select the kit and are ready to move forward, call our store (480-218-5822) to order your kit.
  • Roxane will double check and complete the order.
  • When shipping is completed, you will bring your bike into our shop for the conversion. 
  • Timing on completion is more about the paint scheduling than shop time. 
  • Bike is finished... Come on down to pick up your new ride.  (Shipping is available)


Our unique and patented concept provides the option to transform your original Harley Davidson® into an entirely new, one of a kind machine. Customize your riding experience with a Formula 1® type suspension for a whole new look and feel.

Trike, Reverse Trike, and Four Wheel conversions are currently available; breath new life into your bike by installing a conversion from Q.TEC! Installation and removal is quick and easy and can be accomplished without welding or drilling required! Your motorcycle remains stock and can be returned to its original state at any time.

Our development team provides a variety of services and products built around the action and high intensity of motorsports. In addition to offering Q.TEC conversions our highly skilled technicians offer an installation service to get you out and riding again!


Patented Independent Suspension
Formula 1® Inspired Chassis
Variable Transfer-by-Lever Steering
Lightweight Aeronautical Grade Aluminum
Fiberglass Frame Cover and Mudguards
Fully Adjustable Geometry, Height, and Springs
Single or Double Saddle
No Welding, Drilling, or Modifications
Professional Installation Available
Available for Harley Davidson Softail 2000+
Accessories Available

Q-Tec "Q-3"

Q-Tec "Mamuth"