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LifeTrike is proudly Made In America, by Americans.

You can now experience the Ultimate Freedom in “Mobility” while driving the most innovative vehicle available today from your wheelchair.

The LifeTrike offers the operator more independence & freedom than ever before. With a travel range of 150 miles or more on a fill up, at speeds up to 40mph, the LifeTrike offers a safe, secure, & comfortable driving experience for those with limited mobility.

Twin turn signal bulbs along with twin batteries have been added to keep the operator safe and provide plenty of power for lights, horn, and exit ramp function.

The gate/ramp also has an emergency release that makes it possible to exit the carriage without the battery assist.

LifeTrike comes equipped with twin 1.5 gallon fuel tanks that allow the operator to travel in excess of 150 miles.

One of the handiest features built into the LifeTrike is the ability to back out of any accessibility parking lane using the Electric Reverse. The side-mounted lever controls an electric motor-driven reverse gear. In addition, it improves maneuverability while parking your vehicle in tight garage spaces.

The braking system has been adapted to provide safe, effective braking while under power. The front brakes are operated with a squeeze lever on the right side of the handlebars in front of the twist acceleration grip. This lever controls the sure-stopping twin caliper front bra

kes, while the rear brakes are controlled by a squeeze lever on the left side of the handlebars. Rear drum brakes are installed on both rear wheels providing additional controlled stopping power.

LifeTrike was designed with an emergency brake system that disables the startup process if it’s not set when the vehicle is boarded. After setting the emergency brake lever, the LifeTrike can be started and driven.For convenience & comfort, the handlebars can be adjusted to custom fit the operator for proper turning control and arm reach. They can be adjusted forward and upward to accommodate different body heights and chair configurations.

When you purchase a LifeTrike from American Bike and Trike, you begin to change your life. The open road is truly “open”. You gain control over how you move around the neighborhood. The freedom and convenience of unassisted boarding, helps break down some of the barriers and limitations that present mobility challenges to the wheelchair user or the person living with age-related disabilities. The LifeTrike was designed to normalize your lifestyle and enhance your sense of personal freedom.

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The LifeTrike has an All-American pedigree. Hand built from a company that established a rich engineering foundation in the automotive industry over 75 years ago.

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LifeTrike transport was designed with features that create a new & exciting level of independence. The performance and attractive styling of the custom-built, street legal LifeTrike contribute to the value of owning a reliable personal mobility vehicle.

LifeTrike changes lives!
Do you want the freedom and independence to pursue their outdoor interests. The LifeTrike offers you the opportunity to go shopping, visit friends & family, or just go for a joyride through the countryside without the need for a caregiver to aid in the transfer. This practical design feature gives you the freedom to choose when and where you will travel.

LifeTrike was designed with several redundancies that provide comfort and alleviate the fears of traveling alongside local traffic.

Twin engines have been installed that permit smooth acceleration and secure on-plane turning control. The twin gas engines also prevent the driver from being stranded by using a single engine should that become necessary to be able to return home. While running on one motor, the horsepower is reduced, but the vehicle will operate safely until you reach your destination.

Through concept, design, build, & delivery, the LifeTrike can change how you approach your daily living routine. For instance, the wheelchair user is limited by body build, strength, disability, and outdoor obstacles that may present challenges to normal mobility. The power chair user has battery range & height clearance limits that must be considered. In order to overcome these limits.