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American Bike and Trike is the Tilting Motor Works dealer for the entire south west region 
Come check out the latest performance upgrade available for your Gold Wing, F6B and most Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

This state of the art Tilting Motor Works “TriO” conversion allows you to have the lean in the machine as you corner with the added stability of two wheels in the front. You ride it just like a regular motorcycle but with twice as much traction in the corners and when stopping the bike.
This is the revolution in “Trike Technology” that we all have been waiting for. A way to be more stable at the stop light without having to give up the lean into the corner that a motorcycle gives you and we all love.

This bike is equipped with the optional “Tilt Lock” system which holds the bike in an upright position when coming to a stop so you do not have to put your feet down and releases when you accelerate so you can go back to leaning into the corners.

With Tilting Motor Works "TriO"

Conversion complete with 

Optional "Tilt Lock" System