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The “NEW” HANNIGAN “180” Front End Kit gives your Honda 1800 the traction and tire life you’ve been waiting for!
Michelin claims 25,000 miles of longevity for their New 180 Commander Tire on the rear of a two wheel Gold Wing 1800. Why not put this new wide double compound, deep tread tire on the front of your trike or sidecar rig?

By designing an ultra wide set of fork yoke machined out of 6061 billet, having a wide proprietary custom wheel designed to accommodate the Michelin Commander Tire, and by fitting a custom extra wide and longer front fender, HMS has solved your trikes front end traction and tire life challenges.

This new “180” Front End looks as good as it performs!

“180” Kit Includes: upper & lower yokes (steer Lite)    
Extra Wide Wheel    
Extra Wide Fender    
Longer Brake Lines    
Commander Tire

Standard Hannigan warranty is two years, unlimited mileage on parts and labor.

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Do you need a trailer hitch for your bike or trike, trailer light plug wired in too?
Let us know and we will get you a price quote on the complete package.

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Hannigan GL1800 " Gen III " -  For 2018 Honda Goldwings, soon will be available. Be added to the list by putting down a deposit. 

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The features that put Hannigan ahead of the rest of the
pack are many, but of primary importance is the
independent suspension with sway bar. Our independent
suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle
seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride,
even for your passenger. It will out-corner other
trikes, allowing you to run with your two wheel companions on
twisty roads. Hannigan Trikes have the best combination of
sporty handling and a plush ride.    

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Hannigan GL1800 Series

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Our 60-inch wide track and sports car-style stabilizer bar have resulted in one of the safest and most stable trikes available. In head to head comparison tests, the Hannigan Trike out-handles the best of the solid axle trikes while offering a ride that is judged superior by the vast majority of riders. Truly, the first no compromise trike.

Progressive Suspension® I.A.S. Gas Shocks in all Hannigan Trikes are very user friendly. Inertia sensitive damping enables the wheel to react quickly to rough surfaces while still maintaining full damping control for taut precise handling.

The In-line Drive Shaft of the original motorcycle is used in its original position to ensure smooth running and unbeatable reliability. All Hannigan Trikes use a 7.5 inch Ford Thunderbird differential with 2.73 gears matched to right-size tires to maintain the original bike ratio, except for the Hannigan Harley-Davidson® FLH series Trike conversion, which uses the original H-D belt drive and sprocket. Mufflers of the original motorcycles are used on all Hannigan Trikes.

All Hannigan Trikes come with standard disc brakes. On Hannigan’s BMW® and Honda® Trike conversions, the original ABS System has been retained.

An auxiliary fuel tank is available for the Gold Wing (4 gallons) and BMW® (4 1/2 gallons) Trike conversions with a separate filler neck for convenience. The fuel is transferred from the TIG-welded heavy gauge aluminum tank to the main tank by the rider-activated fuel pump. The tank is located inside the trike frame to extend fuel range with maximum safety.

Large taillights are standard on all Hannigan Trikes, often incorporating the lights of the original motorcycle.